0% Credit Card Processing

The 0% Credit Card Processing Program is a Cash Discount Program that enables businesses to provide customers with discounts if they pay using cash or checks, rather than credit cards. This program helps merchants eliminate the added transaction costs and risks that come with credit card acceptance, including chargebacks and potential fraud concerns. Merchants receive their funding quicker than traditional methods, which is critical for businesses that have tight cash flows or rely on strictly timed payments to operate their business. The 0% Credit Card Processing Program is the ideal choice for businesses that want to save money, earn their full business profits, improve cash flows and build stronger relationships with their customer base.

How Does 0% Credit Card Processing Work?


Sign Up With FeeBox

Tired of watching your profits go to paying for credit card processing? Sign up with FeeBox 0% Credit Card Processing and use the Cash Discount services to save on all your processing costs.


Set Up Hardware & Software

Experts from FeeBox will set up all your hardware with the Cash Discount programs so you can begin accepting payments right away. Let us handle all the specialized technical know-how and get your terminal ready. We’ll provide signage and all other display materials required for compliance.


Start Accepting Payments

Open your business and start accepting payments straight away, with all payment methods supported. Your business and your customers will soon start enjoying the benefits and rewards.


Start Saving With FeeBox

You’ll see results right away as you save hundreds, if not thousands, on your monthly processing. No more transaction fees, no more hidden fees, no more confusing statements, just pure simple savings for your business.


Enjoy Your Savings

Take your hard-earned profits and invest into your business and yourself. With plenty of savings to enjoy, you'll leave satisfied knowing you have the highest level of savings and business possible!

What is 0% Credit Card Processing?

0% Credit Card Processing is a Cash Discount program that passes on the cost of card processing to your customers. It’s a growing method of Payments Acceptance for Merchants who are looking to maximize their savings and business profits. By offering this program, merchants are able to eliminate almost 100% of their processing fees. You’re required to display a customer pricing notice at the entry and the point of sale that will inform customers of the 0% Credit Card Processing Program.

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Benefits of 0% Credit Card Processing

Increased Profits

Increase your profit margins by eliminating all credit card processing fees with our 0% Credit Card Processing Program

Fully Compliant

FeeBox will make sure that you are adapting to all rules and regulations associated with Cash Discount and Surcharge Programs

Operating Simplicity

Make your payment processing easier with 0% Credit Card Processing and focus on key elements of growing your business and revenues

Customer Service

FeeBox is always ready to attend to your every business needs, no matter what time, place and manner, so we're here for you 24/7/365

Eliminate Processing Fees

Traditional Merchant Service Providers are always looking to add additional fees to increase the markups they have on their accounts. At Feebox’s 0% Credit Card Processing Program, we’re committed to eliminating all interchange, transaction, authorization, monthly statement and all other miscellaneous fees. By passing the costs onto customers, you as the merchant can guarantee that you are receiving 100% profit of all your sales.


Interchange Fee

2.5-4% of gross

Transaction Fee


Authorization Fee


Statement Fee


Monthly Minimum


Online Access Fee



Other Junk Fees



Custom Terminal w/ EMV Quick Chip



Virtual Terminal



Use Cases

Feebox offers a robust suite of credit card processing and financial transaction services. We can guarantee the lowest rates and the highest level of security and trust at any level. Feebox will help improve your bottom line no matter what business you belong to.


As a business owner, whether that’s at the enterprise level or a small business, you know that your choice in a merchant services provider is key to successfully running your business. By partnering with Feebox, you get guaranteed savings over your current provider, with no long term contracts or unnecessary fees. We are committed to providing your business with the highest level of service, while maintaining that our relationships and partnerships with local business owners is our priority.


When running a restaurant, there’s always something to think about. At Feebox, we know the pressing needs that restaurant owners face and are committed to bringing the most reliable version of payments processing to your business. Feebox members have years of experience with the restaurant industry and know the importance of secure and dependable transactions. Take advantage of the many services that Feebox brings to the table to enhance your restaurant today.


Government agencies have very strict regulations that need to be followed, even more so when you introduce payments processing. Let Feebox worry about all the ins and outs of regulations and practices that are needed to efficiently manage claims and billings, so you can focus more on serving your key program areas. At Feebox we help build the core of your business and payments needs, so you can divert the proper resources to best serve your community.


At any educational institution, you’ll find that you need a secure and convenient way to manage payments. Feebox offers a  variety of tools like checkout payments, API integrations and access to all critical online payment gateways to best manage the needs of every student that comes through your doors. Feebox wants to simplify your payment needs with our unique payment solutions to divert resources you’d spend worrying about payments back to your students and all your educational needs.